Keeping it Capital

We helped the UK's leading commercial radio stations
get the best from their email campaigns.

95-106 Capital FM is the UK’s first national, commercial hit music radio station. The majority of the audience is aged 15-35 and engages with the brand across multiple digital and analogue platforms.

The Capital FM team came to us with two challenges: to help the audience explore the wealth of content on, and to make sure they can do that no matter which platform they choose.

We worked with the team to refine the content strategy, and then set about designing a template language that reinforces the Capital brand, is flexible enough to accommodate varying types of content, and most importantly helps the audience find what they’re after.

Mobile first, Tablet next

With such a young, gadget-savvy audience, it makes perfect sense to lead from the mobile experience up.

We found that many users switch between devices through the day, so a responsive approach was a must.

The layout of the email adapts for the smaller screen on mobile devices, and on a tablet the links are easy to tap using a touch screen.

And to help improve the experience further, we added nice touches like one-tap links to call and text the studio from a smartphone.

In addition to our Capital FM work, we’re also helping Global Radio roll out a similar approach for their other radio properties.

Something Xtra.

When Global Radio launched Capital Xtra we took the mobile first approach further. We wanted to hero the content, and make a series of campaigns that are as short and snappy as possible.

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